About Prodigy Program

The Prodigy Program is Chess University’s comprehensive live online coaching program for players serious about improving at chess. We created the Prodigy Program with the belief that everyone should have access to world-class chess education from the leisure of their home.

By combining the highest quality of live lessons, video lessons, study guides, puzzle packs, personalized game analysis, and guidance from the world’s top coaches, we created a comprehensive learning experience never seen before.

The Prodigy Program was created by best-selling chess coach Kairav Joshi, FM Dalton Perrine, and FM Arne Jochens. Grandmasters such as former world champions GM Vishy Anand and GM Anatoly Karpov have taught in the Prodigy Program and enriched our curriculum.

Apply for the Prodigy Program early and receive Chess University's free lesson on the best methods for chess improvement.


What Prodigy Program Includes Each Month

Prodigy Program Live Training

Here's the live training you get each month:

  • 12+ hours of interactive live classes (half aimed at the 900-1499 level and the other half at 1500-1999)
  • Lifetime access to the video recordings and pgns
  • 1 game analysis - our coaches will find patterns in your mistakes and give you personalized feedback
Prodigy Program Core Curriculum

The monthly curriculum is available for four sections (900+, 1200+, 1500+, and 1750+) which includes:

  • 6+ hours of core curriculum video lessons
  • Detailed study guide, puzzle pack, and materials
  • Curated study materials and resources useful for ongoing chess improvement
Prodigy Program Perks

We love to surprise our students with extra lessons or resources for improving at chess.

Join the Prodigy Program in October 2020 to receive lifetime access to GM Viswanathan Anand's recorded masterclass on tactics and calculation!

You get full email support. We as your coaches are here to guide you every step of the way!

Prodigy Program Training Tools

Chess University uses Chess.com's training tools and resources to complement the Prodigy Program materials.

Fan favorites such as Puzzle Rush and Puzzle Battle are incorporated into our program to allow for an even more enjoyable learning experience.

We'll be organizing tournaments for Prodigy Program students at Chess.com later in October!

Prodigy Program At A Glance


Core Curriculum

6+ hours of core video lessons and playthrough lessons


Live Interactive Classes

12+ hours of interactive live classes with top coaches


Game Analysis

Get personalized analysis and feedback on one game


Guidance and Support

World-class chess coaches available at your fingertips


Study Materials

Detailed study guide, puzzle pack, and curated training


Lessons On-Demand

Get lifetime access to video recordings

How To Enroll

  • Fill out the form to get started.
  • Complete checkout if you know which rating section to join.
  • Check your email (including spam folder) for additional information and placement assistance.
  • The tuition for each month of Prodigy Program is $150.

How You Learn

  • Participate in interactive live online classes each month in which you can ask questions through chat or voice.
  • Work through our core curriculum.
  • Get personalized advice from game analysis.
  • You get lifetime access to each month’s curriculum you have paid for so review often!

Prodigy Program Live Training

Prodigy Program Key Areas of Study - October 2020

The Prodigy Program live classes in October 2020 will focus on:

  • Learning from typical mistakes
  • Common middlegame misconceptions
  • Improving at forcing moves and calculation
  • How to find unexpected and unusual tactics
  • Ways to improve strategic thinking and decision making

Prodigy Program Core Curriculum - Month 1

900+ Section (Beginner)
  • Basics of thinking
  • Fundamental endgames
  • Endgame principles
  • Introduction to tactics
1200+ Section (Intermediate)
  • Mastering basic endgames
  • Improving forcing play
  • Understanding critical squares
  • Improving thought process
1500+ Section (Advanced)
  • Creating forcing plans
  • Development and initiative
  • Rook endgames and queen endgames
  • Understanding when forcing moves may not be best.
1750+ Section (Very Advanced)
  • Understanding how masters calculate
  • Techniques for simplifying calculation
  • Analyzing in-between moves
  • Creating combinations

Prodigy Program Class Schedule - October 2020

Lesson Date Level Instructor
#1 Oct 24th @ 10:30-11:30 AM PDT Group A: 900+ and 1200+ FM Arne Jochens
#2 Oct 24th @ 12:00-1:00 PM PDT Group A: 900+ and 1200+ FM Arne Jochens
#3 Oct 24th @ 1:30-2:30 PM PDT Group A: 900+ and 1200+ FM Arne Jochens
#4 Oct 25th @ 10:30-11:30 AM PDT Group B: 1500+ and 1750+ FM Arne Jochens
#5 Oct 25th @ 12:00-1:00 PM PDT Group B: 1500+ and 1750+ FM Arne Jochens
#6 Oct 25th @ 1:30-2:30 PM PDT Group B: 1500+ and 1750+ FM Arne Jochens
#7 Oct 31st @ 10:30-11:30 AM PDT Group A: 900+ and 1200+ FM Dalton Perrine
#8 Oct 31st @ 12:00-1:00 PM PDT Group A: 900+ and 1200+ FM Dalton Perrine
#9 Oct 31st @ 1:30-2:30 PM PDT Group A: 900+ and 1200+ Kairav Joshi
#10 Nov 1st @ 10:30-11:30 AM PST* Group B: 1500+ and 1750+ FM Dalton Perrine
#11 Nov 1st @ 12:00-1:00 PM PST* Group B: 1500+ and 1750+ FM Dalton Perrine
#12 Nov 1st @ 1:30-2:30 PM PST* Group B: 1500+ and 1750+ FM Dalton Perrine

* The US undergoes timezone change on Nov. 1st. Starting on this day, our class timezone will be PST

Prodigy Program FAQ

Can I ask questions?

Yes! Students may ask questions throughout our live lessons

Can adults join?

Yes! In fact, half our students are adults.

Any success stories?

Yes! One of our students became the youngest master in American history at the time.


Young-Kyu WooFather of International Master Christopher Yoo

We enrolled Christopher in Chess University’s Prodigy Program because we were looking for an organized and focused chess curriculum, which is pretty rare, but that’s exactly what we got!

NickFinancial Advisor

Each instructor does a great job getting you to see chess on a deeper level. They provide a structured program to build your skills and each lesson really sticks with you.

The Prodigy Program is taught by the world's most qualified instructors and players.

Our Coaches

Prodigy Program is taught by best-selling online chess coaches with decades of teaching experience. While bios for our directors are provided below, numerous Masters have contributed to our curriculum, including Five Time World Champion GM Vishy Anand, 12th World Champion GM Anatoly Karpov, GM Shirov, GM Yermolinsky, IM Kavutskiy, IM Paikidze, and many more ...


Kairav Joshi

Founder & CEO

Kairav Joshi is a renowned chess coach, educational entrepreneur, and creator of the Prodigy Program. After becoming the #1 selling Chess.com coach in 2011, Kairav embarked upon a journey to revolutionize online chess education.


FM Dalton Perrine

Director of Instruction

FM Dalton Perrine is a well-known online chess coach and Director of Instruction at Chess University, Inc. Dalton joined Chess University in 2014 and was the first Primary Instructor to teach in the Prodigy Program alongside Kairav.


FM Arne Jochens

Director of Content

FM Arne Jochens, Ph.D is a highly accomplished educator and chess coach who serves as the Director of Content at Chess University. Arne joined Chess University in 2015 and became the third Primary Instructor in the Prodigy Program.

How To Register

To sign up for Chess University’s Prodigy Program, fill out the form on the right.

If you know which rating section you want to join you may proceed to checkout to enroll right away! After you apply, we can answer any questions you may have about the program and help you select the right rating section.

You will also receive Chess University's free lesson on the best methods for chess improvement after you apply.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey towards mastery today. We look forward to seeing you in the Prodigy Program very soon!

Have questions? Email us at [email protected]